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The IYP is actually composed of 5 members: 1 representative of the FNG,  4 representatives of other national youth organizations located in the consortium countries. Lorenzo Floresta (Italian National Youth Forum) who coordinates the IYP, explains the role of IYP as follows: “Dealing with the of European citizenship awareness of youth within a longitudinal research foreseen by major Universities in Europe, is a challenging task. The role of the International Youth Panel is to support the Consortium parties in the evaluation of the research findings, individuation of stakeholders and organizations, dissemination of results and outcomes of the project. In the actual social and economic context in Europe, this project takes a crucial importance for the development of a new review activity of the existing lite-ratures, moreover the new findings will be implemented also taking care of the youth eyes, voices and experience. For these reasons, the presence of a youth experts panel will ensure the implementation and the network of knowledge in the field of youth policies in the countries involved in the project.” We asked our IYP members to explain why they decided to join CATCH-EyoU project.

Eva Majewski

Eva_MajewskiChairman European Democrat Stu-dents, Official Student Organization of European People’s Party. I chose to apply as international expert to the project since I do believe in the vital part that youth can and should play in creating an active civil society across Europe. This is true for two reasons: people who are engaged at a younger age are much more likely to also get involved and became outspoken citizens and peer leaders later on. Moreover, if young people get involved for any European cause at an early age, they will continue to think in European categories in their future endeavors- thus carrying the European thought into more and more aspects of policy levels, decision making and everyday life. By working actively within the CATCH-EyoU framework, I hope to strengthen particularly the link between the con-sortium and political youth organizations across Europe


Domniki Kouitzoglou

Domniki_KouitzoglouVice-President of Hellenic National Youth Council (ESYN) and Head of International Affairs Office. Greece, where I come from and where I live, is in the focal point of a crisis. A crisis that has many faces. Youth are in the middle and periphery together. In the center of the future consequences of current policies and on the periphery of political interest and economic resources. The key on our hands to ensure democracy is participation that will allow us to unlock the world where youth is its hearty hope and not its sediment. Being a member of the Youth Panel as an expert is a great challenge for me, as it is the first time that I am taking an active role in a long-term academic research.

Sara Fabiana Lopes

Sara LopesPortuguese National Youth Council. The most recent European elections were marked in Portugal, by an abstention rate was around 60%. Much of this abstention belonged to young voters. It is therefore necessary to understand what are the reasons for the distance between young Europeans and EU Institutions. It’s only possible do it in a serious way with an integrated approach how the CATCH-EyoU. I believe that in order to implement/establish effective policy solutions these should be supported by evidence and studied before implementation. This is my main motivation to be part of this project. Helping to understand the gap now existing between young Europeans and EU Institutions, in order to find joint solutions and structured to this problem.

Kuldar Adel

Kuldar AdelCoordinator of Youth Councils, at Estonian National Youth Council. My objective to be part of the International Youth Panel is to help give input of Estonian policies, practices and youth/youngsters itself, which are mostly effected by the Scandinavian and the post-soviet social-cultural environment and to get input to the same policies and practices for the better international involvement expertise and suggestions concerning youth. My personal motivation is to gather the knowledge and to apply it to Estonian youth in general, mostly through our National Youth Council policies and activities itself and by advising policy-developers (ministry and its agencies), decision-makers (politicians) and implementers (other national youth umbrella organisations and sub-organisations involving students, youth-centers, youth-workers).  I see that an involvement of this large-scale project is the best way to gather and later interpret the outcome of the project – being part of “cooking” is the best way to appreciate the “cake” and makes it a responsibility to properly “serve” and enjoy the delights of the “dessert”. As well as gives the better suggestions on how to prepare the “bottom” or the “filling” of that “cake” later being “served”.

CATCH-EyoU has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement n. 649538