issue 1, year 1

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Where are we so far

We have just completed our sixth month of activity. None of our work packages is over but we have been working hard on many of them and we just sent to the EU commission three important deliverables


Simbolo DeliverablesThe overall goal of WP5 is to analyze the main discourses that emerge from the European media environment, both new and old, on the EU and youth active citizenship in Europe. Specifically, this research is closely connected to the third challenge of the topic, “exploring the perspectives of young people on Europe”. The (new) media environment, in fact, plays a significant role in shaping young people’s identity and culture and their relationships with their communities. To understand young people’s perspective on active citizenship in the EU, we consider important to analyze the discourses conveyed on the EU and on EU youth participation in the news and in different media products.


Simbolo DeliverablesThe deliverable includes the analysis of selected policy documents in the different consortium countries. The analysis gives a complementing view on how public authorities perceive youths and how they, based on that perception, generate official policy in accordance. The policy analysis can increase the understanding of how the construction of youth’s opportunity structures is preceded by the perceptions and structures that are present when a policy is created.


Simbolo DeliverablesThis Deliverable includes the guidelines that will be followed for the implementation of WP9 intervention. It describes the rationale/concept, the structure, the strategies and methods (contents and tools) that the teachers involved in the intervention will follow when delivering the activities with students. The Guidelines has been prepared by WP9 leaders, in coherence with the description of the work package, and incorporates the input from members of the Intervention Management Board. Their structure was discussed during the workshop for teachers’ training organized in Sigtuna (Sweden) on 8-9 February 2016.

CATCH-EyoU has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement n. 649538