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The school’s corner

Do you want to know why schools decided to engage with the CATCH-EyoU project? Watch the video-interview with Álvaro A. Santos, Director of the Escola Secundaria Dr. Joaquim Gomes Ferreira Alves, Porto (PT).

The Teacher’s workshop, - Sigtuna 8-9 February, 2016

AmnaCicognaniTeachers from each of the five schools participating in the intervention study (WP9) gathered in Sigtuna, Sweden, for an intensive lunch to lunch meeting on 8-9 February, 2016. There they met with the intervention management board (IMB) and researchers from the five countries. The main objective for the meeting was to achieve a joint understanding of the intervention, to resolve some common issues, and of course to get to know each other.

The first day consisted of presentations of the schools and teachers, as well as some short lectures for contextualization and inspiration. The day ended with a focus group discussion on the meaning of active (European) citizenship from a youth and school perspective. One line of discussion concerned a need to achieve greater awareness of social and political issues, and how the European Union plays a role.

Day two started with a presentation of the framework and intentions behind the intervention, focusing among other things on the problem-solution based approach, youth activity and ownership of the process. The different steps of the intervention were also introduced. Teachers and researchers from each country then discussed the local conditions and in what way the intervention could be adapted and implemented in the different contexts. A joint discussion with the aim of clarifying some questions then concluded the meeting.

The following schools are taking part:

CATCH-EyoU has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement n. 649538