issue 2, year 1

Who is CATCH-EyoU

Introducing the Masaryk Team

The Masaryk team co-leads WP5 Representation of the EU and youth active EU citizenship in the media environment, WP4 Exploiting European data and testing the integrated theory of youth active EU citizenship, and WP7 Processes in youth’s construction of active EU citizenship.

The Masaryk Team

From the left: Jan Šerek, Lucie Lomičová, Jakub Macek, Barbora Kršková, Štěpán Žádník, Alena Macková, Petr Macek, Kristina Marešová. Missing are: Zuzana Scott (maternal leave), Johana Kotišová.

Petr Macek is a professor of social psychology at Masaryk University where he works as the Head of the Institute for Research on Children, Youth, and Family. He is well known for his research of the development of self and identity in adolescence and early adulthood and of psychosocial development and its link with social change. Besides that, he is interested in the representations of democracy in the everyday life experiences of young people. In the CATCH project, Petr leads the Masaryk Uni team and coordinates, together with Peter Noack, the work package 7. Interestingly, Petr is not a relative of Alena Macková and Jakub Macek.

Jan Šerek is a psychologist focused on political socialization – on the role that social environment and individual characteristics play in forming political opinions and political behavior. At the same time, he studies the implications of social crisis and insecurity for the rise of radical and populist politics. Last but not least, Jan is interested in the so-called implicit attitudes: in the way they influence political thinking and behavior. In the CATCH project he coordinates, with Philipp Jugert, the work package 4. Moreover, he is partly responsible for the longitudinal survey of youth and for other tasks linked with the quantitative data that are currently being collected.

Jakub Macek is a media studies scholar and sociologist researching mainly the transformation of current media audiences linked with new media and all the topics related to the way people practice their everyday lives using networked and mobile technologies. Besides that, he investigates the role of news and knowledge sources in the ongoing polarization and radicalization of the public and political discourses. In the CATCH project, he was, with Pina Lalli, a coordinator of the work package 5. Jakub is an older brother of Alena Macková.

Zuzana Scott is a psychologist researching how young people and members of various minorities construct and understand their citizenship, from subjective representations to active participation. At the same time, she focuses on the topic of civic participation and specifically on its motivations and triggering factors. From the start of the project, Zuzana was the organizational brain of the Masaryk Uni team, coordinating all its individualistic members and cleverly turning them into a pack. By August 2016, Zuzana decided to apply her abilities and training in even more demanding position, preparing herself to organize and coordinate her expected newborn.

Alena Macková is a political scientist and sociologist currently finishing her doctoral studies of political science at Masaryk University. In her research she focuses on the role of new media in political communication and political behavior and on the topic of political and civic participation. In the CATCH project, Alena is, both as an analyst and an organizer, responsible for Masaryk Uni involvement in several work packages. By August 2016, she takes up from Zuzana Scott the role of the internal coordinator of the Masaryk Uni team.

Johana Kotišová is sociologist and social anthropologist of media, currently a doctoral candidate at Masaryk University and Université de Liège. As a researcher and a positively tuned mind, she is deeply fascinated by the theme of crisis. Thus, she studies how journalists experience and practice their emotions when covering crisis situations. In the CATCH project, she works primarily on the work package 5 and on other tasks employing qualitative methodologies.

Lucie Lomičová is a psychologist and a doctoral student at Masaryk University. In her research, she deals with parents’ and children’s relationship in the period of emerging adulthood. Recently, she focuses mainly on the parents’ perspective. Besides the research job, she volunteers in a youth organization, applying there her experiences of active youngster involved in various civic activities. In the CATCH project, she works as a research assistant in several tasks. As far as known, Lucie is not a relative of any other team member.

CATCH-EyoU has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement n. 649538