issue 3, year 2

Who is CATCH-EyoU

Introducing the University of Bologna Team

The UNIBO Team

From the left: Antonella Guarino, Christian Compare (internship), Pina Lalli, Chiara Cifatte (post doc), Sara Pierozzi (internship), Claudia Capelli, Cinzia Albanesi, Elvira Cicognani, Davide Mazzoni, Patrizia Leone, Bruna Zani, Iana Tzankova

Elvis Mazzoni

I am professor of social psychology at the University of Bologna. I am currently the coordinator of the CATCH-EyoU project, and co-leader of WP2 on theoretical integration and the WP9 intervention. Being coordinator is a tremendous responsibility and a challenge, but with such a good consortium, it is also a very stimulating scientific and social experience.

I am the CATCH-Eyou Project Manager, working at the Research and Third Mission Area of the University of Bologna. I work closely with Elvira to monitor the effective coordination of the projects’ activities, financial and other cross-cutting aspects. From my position, I have the chance to get to know about all project’s insight!!

I am an associate professor of community psychology. My research interests include participatory action research, youth empowerment and civic engagement. In the CATCH-EyoU project I co-lead the workpackage on impact and dissemination with FNG. It is a tremendous responsibility but it fits with the idea that research must be relevant and influence practice. And I like it.

I am professor of social and community psychology I was UNIBO team leader in the PIDOP project and responsible for different WPs. Europe is the “playground” of my academic career: I am member of the Executive Committee of ECPA (European Community Psychology Association), and of the Executive Council of EFPA (European Federation of Psychologist’ Associations). In the CATCH-EyoU project I support the UNIBO team in the scientific activities and supervise Antonella Guarino’ PhD. Developing a culture of civic engagement in higher education is my last challenge.

I am a professor of sociology of communication since 2002, at the University of Bologna and since 2015 vice-dean of the School of Political Sciences (this means having a lot to do with young people!). I am currently involved in several international groups (the Réseau de recherche Euro Méditerranéen Développement durable et lien social 2DLis; LEMEL L’Europe dans les médias en ligne). In the CATCH-EyoU I co-lead the WP5 and I support dissemination activities.

I am a researcher in developmental psychology and education with a specific interest on the effects of web technologies on human development and behaviour. I collaborate with many international scholars and journals in the field of technological evolution and human development. My involvement in the project is specifically on dissemination and web visibility of the research activities.

I am currently the post-doc researcher of the CATCH-EyoU project. My primary scholarly interest concerns people’s empowerment and its outcomes at individual and collective level. In particular, I am interested in examining why people decide to join together with the aim of producing a social change. A second scholarly interest concerns how psychosocial factors may influence health behaviours and quality of life of patients’ with chronic diseases.

I have a PhD in Sociology and I work in the field of media and communication. My other interests are in qualitative social research and cultural history. In the CATCH-EyoU project I worked in WP5, with Pina Lalli and Jakub Macek. I support the dissemination team with my tweets and my passion about the media.

I am a PhD student. I am interested in adolescents’ and young people-promotion of participation through different methodologies, including participatory action research. I am very proud to be part of the CATCH-EyoU partnership and I wish to contribute with constructive reflections and activities.

I am a PhD student. I am currently preparing my PhD thesis on the topic of youth participation based on the data collected within WP7 and WP6. To get a deeper understanding of the research in WP7, I spent three months in Germany, at the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena, working with the WP7 co-leaders. I was also involved in the systematic literature review for WP2.

CATCH-EyoU has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement n. 649538