issue 3, year 2

The school’s corner

Italian high school students reflect on their participation to the project and to the Athens’ conference

Contribution from Jena (Germany). Video documenting the students’ trip to Athens.

Before the trip, Jerome Busch, who works for the local newspaper visited the school and interviewed some students.Here is what they said.

Viktoria Seidel (17 years): I am looking forward meeting people from other countries. I have not dealt with EU topics before, but I already learned a lot during this project. The EU is a good thing but countries need to work more with each other.

Lukas Hüttenrauch (17 years): I am interested in the regional problems of other countries. I really wanted to work together with other young people from Europe. I like that nations support each other within the EU, but communication should improve.

Lisa Morozova (17 years): I am involved in the project to learn more about problems in other countries. The presentations are in English, which I think is a good thing, because so we learn to speak freely. I like the free travel most about the EU - you can basically visit anyone.

Moritz Klinger (18 years): The exchange was an important reason to participate in the project. But I am also looking forward to meeting new people and get to know other young people. I like the EU. The freedom to study wherever you want, I really like I lot.

Two students, Jenny and Viktoria, wrote about their experiences in Athens. The German text is available here. Here is the English version:

On Thursday morning, March,2, 2017, we started our travels to Athens as part of the Catch EyoU project. The project Catch EyoU was presented to us by Dr. Monique Landberg from the University about 4 months ago. The aim of the Catch EyoU project is to find out if young people are interested in the EU. The perspective of young people on Europe and the EU as well as the willingness to change something in society are the focus of the project.
The increasing digitalization of everyday life, the eating habits of young people, the women’s quota in leadership positions, the progress of climate change, the psychological care of refugees and the social and political integration of refugees were topics we worked on in six groups of students. Some groups conducted surveys to present the results at the conference.
Besides our school, schools from Italy, Sweden, Portugal and the Czech Republic are involved. The Lobdeburgschule is represented by a total of 20 students from grades 10a and 10g, which work in six thematic areas. We are supported by Mr. C. Buschner, Mr. Glosse and Mrs. Kempe. Since English is used as a conference language, Mrs. Hoost also helped us with an intelligible formulation of our presentations in English.
On Friday morning, we could get to know the students of the other European schools. In an Athens city park, we were getting to know each other through games - in English, of course. In the afternoon, we presented our work in progress to an international audience, had to answer questions and were quite relieved afterwards.
After the conference, we had the opportunity to meet the professor of the FSU Jena, Prof. Dr. Noack, who is responsible for the project. After our successful presentations, we received a lot of positive feedback from Mr. Noack, Mrs. Landberg and our teachers. The excitement and tension of the last few days quickly fell away from us, so that we could enjoy the evening.
On Saturday, we were on our feet again quite early. This time to visit the landmark of Athens, the Acropolis. From above, we had a breathtaking view over the whole city in sunny and cloudless weather. We were also looking for the place where the “cradle of democracy” lay more than 2000 years ago. Afterwards we walked through the old town, explored the Olympic stadium and enjoyed the big city feeling. In the evening, we went with our teachers to a small typical Greek restaurant, where we were even entertained with live music.
On Sunday, we said goodbye to Athens. Successful, exciting and fascinating days lay behind us. There are several moments from the Greek capital that we will not forget so fast.

CATCH-EyoU has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement n. 649538