issue 3, year 2

The fourth GA meeting

The fourth GA meeting took place in Athens, and was hosted at Amalia Hotel, a very nice location, just in front of the National Gardens and nearby the Parliament. The meeting, that was wonderfully prepared by the Athens team (Frosso, Nancy, Vassilis, and their collaborators), started the 1 of March in the afternoon and ended just a couple of hours before the opening of the conference, on March 2. It allowed consortium members to check the timeline of the project (always very demanding in terms of deadlines and reports to deliver), to “celebrate” some achievements, and to prepare themselves for the next challenges, and particularly integrating the findings of the different WPs into a larger theoretical model. The International Advisory Board members who attended the meeting (Ariadne Vromen, Martyn Barrett, and Airi-Alina Allaste) encouraged the consortium to invest its best energies in this task. 

The mid-term meeting (yes, we have already worked together for one year and a half) also provided the consortium with the opportunity to meet in person the five members of the International Youth Panel, who presented their position papers on the concluded work packages, and confirmed their commitment and energy on the project. It is really exciting to have these European young people on board, because they want to make a difference, and to impact on youth European policies.
Before closing, the next meeting was scheduled: Isabel Menezes and her team, will host the consortium in Porto right in the middle of the summer. July is right behind the door, and we are ready to open it.

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