issue 5, year 3

Who is CATCH-EyoU

The team from the University of Jena

Introducing the team from the University of Jena

The team is led by Peter Noack. Team members are Clara Mikolajczyk, Katharina Eckstein, and Philipp Jugert (University of Leipzig; working as part of the Jena team). Within the CATCH-EyoU project, the team co-leads Work Package (WP) 4 and 7. WP 4 is a re-analysis of existing large-scale survey datasets, addressing, for example, questions of national and European identification among young people and active EU citizenship. WP 7 sets out to address open questions concerning factors associated with youth’s socio-political views and active EU citizenship. A particular goal is to examine (directions of) influences of relevant factors and their joint workings by empirically testing processes across adolescents and young adults in various situations of life and across different EU countries. Therefore, a questionnaire study, which was directed at young people between the age of 16 and 30 was started in 2016. Recently, the second wave of data collection was successfully completed in all participating countries. Furthermore, the team from Jena is involved in all the other Work Packages of the CATCH-EyoU project.

Peter Noack is professor of educational psychology at the Department of Psychology of the University of Jena. He studied at Düsseldorf, Berlin, and Berkeley. After completing his PhD he worked at the University of Mannheim before he changed to the University of Jena. In several longitudinal studies he examined development and socialization in adolescence and early adulthood. A major focus of his work is on civic and political development in context. He is the PI at the German site of the CATCH-EyoU project.

Peter Noack

Clara Mikolajczyk. Mastered in Psychology in a participant observation of a youth organisation, by the department of Educational Psychology at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena. She is a research assistant at the Friedrich Schiller University and her research interests are youth civic engagement and self-efficacy in that context, the transition of rules and rituals among youth. In the CATCH- EyoU project, she is, both working as an analyst and an organizer, responsible for University of Jena’s involvement in the work packages.

Clara Mikolajczyk

Katharina Eckstein is a research assistant at the Department of Educational Psychology at Friedrich Schiller University Jena. She received her PhD in Psychology from the same university. Her research interests are the development of political attitudes and behaviors during adolescence/ young adulthood, family socialization processes, as well as the role of school contextual influences. Within the CATCH-EyoU project she supports and advises individual tasks and deliverables and is particularly involved in the analysis and processing of the quantitative survey data of WP7.

Katharina Eckstein

Philipp Jugert is a research associate at the Department of Psychology, University of Leipzig. He holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Jena. His research interests are group processes, intergroup relations, social development, and youth civic engagement. He is involved in a number of cross-national projects funded by the EU and the German research council and has co-authored articles in journals like Child Development, Developmental Psychology, and Psychological Review. Within Catch-EyoU he has co-coordinated the work in WP4, which involved the re-analysis of large-scale cross-national datasets.

Philipp Jugert

CATCH-EyoU has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement n. 649538