issue 6, year 3

Toolkit: Practices of active participation

a document that hopefully will become a reference point for youth workers and stakeholders involved in implementing and organizing activities for young Europeans and their active citizenship

The Toolkit is a container of successful stories of participation aimed at inspiring young people, youth organisations and stakeholders in promoting and supporting active European citizenship. It is organized into 4 main chapters:

  • Involving young people in policy dialogue
  • Active European citizenship for all
  • Raising youth voice within old and new media
  • Formal and non formal educational context

The chapters present successful practices, through small stories. Each one is described with a short narrative that will help understand the practice and the environment in which the practice has been developed.

The short narratives will help the readers to understand the genesis of the organisations (their aims and objectives), their main practices and how they have been implemented. A ‘features and challenges’ section will help the reader to identify the opportunities and the threats related to the specific practices. A final section reports thoughts and comments of the young people involved in the practice, providing a snapshot of the feelings and the motives of the protagonists. The Toolkit ends with some final comments and recommendations addressing youth civic organizations.

The Toolkit was prepared by the Italian Youth Forum (FNG), the non academic partner of the CATCH-EyoU consortium, based on the re-analysis of WP8 final report (Banaji S., 2018, D8.2 Contexts, meanings and “successful” practices of young people’s participation: a cross-national report) and on the recommendations produced by the project. The Toolkit was prepared with particular reference to the needs of youth organizations and youth workers, but has the ambition to support also a range of stakeholders that aim to improving their ability to promote young people’s participation and their active citizenship through positive actions at national or local level.

The toolkit can be downloaded from here 

CATCH-EyoU has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement n. 649538