issue 6, year 3

The final conference in Brussels: “Renewing the EU project: young EU citizens on the stage”

Reloading the dialogue on the EU and on Active citizenship between young people, policy makers and researchers.

In our view the final conference of the project  (see the final conference page) was intended to create an opportunity to discuss in depth the final findings and recommendations of the project. As such it was organized as an interactive event to advance the dialogue between EU policy makers, young people, researchers and youth organizations.

The first day  was organized around three drivers of discussion with panel and poster sessions.  :

  • Young Europeans and the EU: lessons learnt approaching the 2019 European Elections;
  • Young Europeans and Participation: experiences learnt in co-constructing democracy across generations;
  • Closing the Gap between Young People and (EU) Institutions: findings and recommendations for policy makers.


Members of the CATCH-EyoU consortium discussed with their audience (including members of the European Parliament, youth scholars, representatives of European youth organizations, amongst others) on how to put scientific evidence and recommendations into practice.

The second day we gave young people voice with a special live radio event moderated by Radioimmaginaria web radio. Young people presented to their adult audience (members of the European Parliament, youth scholars, representatives of European youth organizations) their proposals on migration, violence, refugee crises, intergenerational relations. Did we succeed in reaching our aims? Did people who were there have the feeling of a real dialogue between different voices?


Answer of Ludovica, one of Radioimmaginaria teens, speaks on its own:

It was all really interesting because this was one of the few occasions in which we teenagers from different places were able to express our point of view about important social issues and in which we actually got listened to. It was amazing because every adult and member of the European Parliament who was present seemed to be genuinely interested in what we had to say. I must say that this doesn’t happen often and we got also to experience one of the advantages the EU offers to us, teenagers.”

The full article of Ludovica is accessible here. The podcast of the radio event can be found here. Videos on the salient moments of the final conference are available here.


CATCH-EyoU has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement n. 649538