The International Youth Panel

The IYP supported the Consortium activities providing ongoing feedback on the research activities of the project (participatory evaluation) and input concerning on youth practices, and experiences across Europe (participatory research); it supported data collection (advertising the research and inviting young European people to participate) and most important ensured large-scale dissemination and multiplying effect throughout the various youth organizations, websites and communication tools falling under the EYF and Youth platforms.

Eva Majewski

Secretary General to the Young Caucus of CDU/CSU in the German Bundestag. She is Honorary Chairwoman of the European Democrat Students (EDS), the EPP’s official student organization which she led for two terms. EDS is the biggest political student organization in Europe with 43 member organizations from 35 countries in Europe and its neighborhood. Eva is member of the Christian Democratic Union’s working Group on European Affairs, and a member of the Political Assembly of EPP. She holds a M.Sc. in business administration, management and economics from Humboldt University, Berlin. Eva also studied abroad in Siena (Italy), Washington, D.C. (USA), and Johannesburg (South Africa). Previous work assignments led her to work in Shanghai (China) and Brussels (Belgium).

Kuldar Adel

Estonian Youth Council, Coordinator of Youth Councils. Kuldar is working for the Estonian National Youth Council and coordinates youth councils in regional and local level since 2013. He has been involved with youth policies and participated actively in youth-work since 2009. He has practiced in local, county and national level and in different forms of youth participation –both unorganized and organized –, such as youth activist- and project groups, student councils, youth councils and different advisory boards. Kuldars’ moto is to give every youngster a chance to be involved

Lorenzo Floresta

With a master degree in Law and International Master in European Studies, he is the President of Giovani Senza Frontiere (GIOSEF) since 2010. Freelancer, working as a project manager and advisor of private and public body, NGOs and non-profit organizations. Since 2012 he is board member of the Italian National Youth Council, where he also held the position of Vice President of the Foreign Commission. He was founder and president of several associations and cooperatives, as well as board member for the Sicilian Regional Institute for the Student rights. Actually he is also board member of the Italian National Forum of the Civil Service. Curious lover of reading social, law, politics, international and European issues. He plays football and has been for years a swimming instructor.

Sara Fabiana Lopes

27 years old, she is board member of Portuguese National Youth Council and Coordination field of Environmental, Health and Quality of Life. Member of the research team on the study ” Health and Lifestyle in higher education in Portugal”. Nutritionist and master’s degree in Consumer and Nutrition Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Porto. Founder and former president of the National Association of Nutrition Students. Coordinator of many projects linked to youth health in Portugal.

Domniki Kouitzoglou

Vice President of the Hellenic National Youth Council and Head of the Foreing/Interantional Affairs Department. She is holder of the Professional Executive Diploma in Developmental Disorders of Children and Adolescent (Counseling) from the University of Thessaly, while she is studing Εconomics and Development at LSE. As a youth leader she is an active member of many youth initiatives and NGO organisations at local, national and international level.