The Kick Off Meeting of the CATCH-yoU project took place in Bologna, in September 2-4 2015 in a magnificent venue “La Sala del Camino”, located in Palazzina della Viola.

Members of the consortium have been welcomed by the Pro-Rector of International relations, Carla Salvaterra, the Deputy Director of Department of Psychology, Giuseppe di Pellegrino and the Director of Department of Political and Social Science, Fabio Giusberti. The project coordinator, Elvira Cicognani, opened the working sessions presenting a brief outline of the project. WPleaders provided details on their work plans and reminded to their partners deadlines and tasks. The working sessions were lively debated: participants were (both) excited and worried, and shared the feeling that the project is ambitious and tremendously challenging. And it is.
The meeting was not all about work. In the evening, data collection strategies, methods and ethic requirements were left apart. Participants explored the historical center of the city and enjoyed its friendly atmosphere, its warm weather and its gastronomical traditions.

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