issue 5, year 3

Who is CATCH-EyoU

The ORU team

Meet the ORU team at Örebro University, Sweden

The ORU team consists of four political scientists at the Center for Studies in Civic Engagement (CIVIC) cooperating in national, bilateral and international projects on particularly the development of young people´s political interest and participation over time. We are carrying out qualitative as well as quantitative studies. Most of all we are using data of the international IEA studies on civic education (such as ICCS 2016) and our own longitudinal Political Socialisation Project data. The team´s engagement into Catch-EyoU is its fourth EU-funded project.

Erik AMNÅ, PhD (Uppsala), Professor in political science (Uppsala). Over the years he has concentrated his analysis on democratic development, the role of civil society and young people’s political development. He has been a member of the international advisory committee on ICCS 2016 at IEA. He also has hosted several internationally recruited post-docs. He recently has been engaged as an international advisor to a multi-years research project on the role of school and families in developing civic competencies among Chilean youth. His latest studies is aiming at unmasking the relationship between adolescents’ alienation and their inclination to voting for right-wing populists.
He is frequently engaged as a govermental expert in policy making regarding democracy, adult education, civic education of newly arrived refugees and imam training. In addition, he is chairing the board of the only non-partisan Swedish school for politicians. In CATCH-EyoU he has been responsible for the analyses of national youth policies (WP3) and the intervention study in schools (WP9).


Cecilia ARENSMEIER, PhD (Örebro), Senior Lecturer in political science has paid special attention to the adolescents’ understanding of democracy and the schools´ impact on their civic knowledge. She has been the principial national researcher associated with the ICCS 2016 data collection in Sweden. Her main educational field is the teacher education.


Viktor DAHL, PhD (Örebro), Post-Doc in political science, has in a couple of studies analysed adolescents´ preferences for unconventional and illegal modes of political participation. By using CATCH-EyoU data he has been able to deepen our understanding of different positions versus the European Union among youth in various countries by disentangling alienated from apathetic feelings and orientations.

Viktor DAHL

Jasmine IVARSSON, Project Secretary of the team, has studied political science and sociology with focus on political discourses. She is involved in all sub-projects of CATCH-EyoU and is among else responsible for the operational work with data collection, administration and reports.


CATCH-EyoU has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement n. 649538